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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free copy of a Philip Blood ebook for a review of the Nexlord or Cathexis Series

Now that my books have a decent mark of copies sold, I would really appreciate if some of the people out there who have read the books would give me a (hopefully kind) review.  I know a lot of you are enjoying the books simply because they are a series, and 98% of the people who buy book one of either of my current series are buying  the other books in that series.  From this I can easily extrapolate that they must be enjoying the story enough to want to spend more money on the other novels in the series.  However, as of this date, only a couple of readers have left reviews (both left their review on Amazon, but feel free to review them on any ebook sales location).

Reviews are very helpful to an author, not so much to get them to change the books, they are what they are, but to let other readers know what you thought so that they can make an informed decision on whether to buy the books.  Mostly I'd like you to review the story, if possible, and what you enjoyed (or didn't if that is the case) about the story.  Adding grammar or spelling comments to the review isn't really helpful, you would be better served to just send me a note at www.philipblood.com telling me of a typo you found so that I can fix it and upload a cleaner copy.  What I really want to know is what did you think of the story, plot, characters, climax, flow, magic system, action, relationships, etc.  Those kind of review elements would be the most useful to other readers.  And, don't forget, did you like them and would you recommend them to other readers?

If you write me a review of one of my series (at any review site), I would be glad to send you a coupon for a free download of  another of my ebooks in a different series.  Just write your review of each of the books in the series you read (with at least a couple useful review lines about each book) and then send me a message (at the web site listed above) telling me where the review is located, and ask for your free download coupon (and tell me in what ebook format you would like it).  In that email you also might want to mention what books you have already read so that I send you a coupon for one you haven't purchased yet.   Regardless of what you thought of the books in your review, I'll send you the coupon.  I'm going to trust you that you really did read the books before writing the review!

This is a limited time offer (don't know when I'll cut if off, but I'll post a follow up when I do).

Thanks in advance for those reviews, and I really do hope you enjoyed the stories.