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Saturday, January 21, 2012

So when is a game not a game?

I have a problem (well, several, but we will just talk about this one).   This problem is the word ‘game’.  As soon as I start to tell people about the ‘game’ I am working on, Citadel of Sorcery, they get this image of kids sitting around their Xweestation console blowing up each other in a kill fest.  Most of the adults immediately file it away under, ‘kids stuff’.  The problem is… it isn’t.

If I instead told them I’m working on a movie or a book, they would start asking, “Oh, what genre?” or “What’s is about?”  They would want to find out if this movie (or book) was one they might like to watch/read, and only make their mind up after they had learned more about it, but not games.  The moment that word, ‘game’ comes out, BAM, filed under ‘kids stuff’.

This could not be farther from the truth.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that this ‘game’ is more ‘grown up’ than most movies or books.  (the word ‘adult’ brings the wrong connotation as well).  How you ask?  Well, simple, a movie or a book, no matter HOW good… is a spectator sport.  You are only an observer into another situation/world, not a participant.  In Citadel of Sorcery you are entering a full world, a place of momentous plots, where kingdoms will rise and fall, fortunes of entire races change,  where epic sagas will begin, murder mysteries abound, expeditions to strange and wondrous history take place, and… instead of being an observer, you make the decisions.  You solve the mystery, you save the kingdom, you destroy the ring of power in Mt. Doom, you find the Arc of the Covenant in the buried ruins, you make decisions that change the fate of your character, and the world.

This is not a game… not like anyone has seen before.  You will face choices, where you must evaluate your options, knowing that once you go down one path it will forever rule your destiny.  You live in an evolving world, where you make a difference.  This isn’t Mario Brothers, or some Shooter, or Dance game; this is true adventure, life as an Avatar in another world, escapism at its highest level.  This is multiple epic novels all wrapped up into one world, hundreds of movies all delivered, and none of it is set on one path, it all changes based on who you are, and what you choose to do.

This isn’t a game… this is life at its grandest moment, and you are the hero in a story the likes of which you could only dream of in our real society.  This isn’t just for kids… it is for everyone.

My problem is how to convince people of the fact that a game isn’t always a ‘game’.  Sometimes a new form of entertainment can come about, a melding of book, movie, table top game, computer game and… well, life.  This is what Citadel of Sorcery is about, making a new form of entertainment, one we hope we can convince people to try, you just might find out you like it.