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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to my new Blog!

I've been so busy publishing my books and working on my MMORPG game that I haven't had time to setup a Blog, until now!  I'm going to set aside some time now to post some information here now and then.

Right now I'm working on editing the third book of the Cathexis Series, which is four books in total.  The Cathexis series was an interesting experiment in stories for me.  I set out to write two trilogies that co-existed.  They both use the same characters, in the same world at the same time, but the first trilogy goes from book 1 (Necromancer's Dagger) to book 3 (Sorcerer's Ring), where it concludes in a big climax.  The second Trilogy begins in book 2 (Conspirator's Coin) and reaches it's big climax in book 4 (Desecrator's Sword).

The fun is that the reader gets to build to a very large climax... twice, as both book 3 and book 4 reach epic moments that resolve their story trilogy.  I can't tell you what those are or I'd spoil the story, but you do get a double payoff in these books.

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