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Friday, April 1, 2016

New Fantasy Novel Series: The Archimage Wars!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on my new urban fantasy novel series, The Archimage Wars.  This is a ten book series, the largest I have written to date, with my Cathexis series being next at 4 novels, and my NexLord series 3.  Because I knew this new series was going to be even larger, I decided to get well into the story before I started publishing any of the novels.  This way, if I decided to change something about how the magic system, etc. worked, I could still make changes to the earlier books. 

Well, I’ve completed the first three novels and am well into the forth, so at this point, I’m pretty confident that I have the worlds, their history, and the magic system, etc. all set.  So, I’m finally getting ready to publish Book 1 of the series, Wizard of Abal.

However, there is more!  I’ve also been producing my first audio play, book 1 of The Archimage Wars series!   I chose to do this as an audio play, rather than an audiobook, even though that is a LOT more work.  To accomplish this, I used voice actors to play all the lead roles of the story, and I also layered in some sound effects where appropriate.

Both the written version and audio play are currently going through final editing, and Wizard of Abal should be available to read or listen to, in May 2016. 

Keep an eye out at my website, www.philipblood.com, for news on the release, as well as links to where they can be purchased.

Oh, and I’d love you to contact me through there and join my mailing list.  Just use the contact system at the website and ask to be added to my mailing list.  I’ll occasionally (not too often) email you a newsletter, with some insights on previous books, news on new ones, and even some giveaways!  (Free stuff is always good!).   Anyone who signs up for the newsletter soon will get a free copy of book 1, Wizard of Abal!

Also, if you email me with questions from www.philipblood.com, I may also include your question and the answer in that monthly(ish) newsletter!

Anyway, The Archimage Wars series is coming, I hope you enjoy book one, The Wizard of Abal!

Philip Blood