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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Available as an ebook: The Archimage Wars: Seeress of Yaochi

Now available as an ebook!

The Archimage Wars
Book 4
Seeress of Yaochi

The Archimage Wars now has a fourth novel in the series, Seeress of Yahochi.  Having survived the odd world of Annwn, our annoying and short-tempered wizard buddy must go to the world of Yaochi to meet with the mysterious Seeress and not a moment too soon!  Things are getting stranger the more Nick learns and the forces arrayed against him want to capture and destroy him, some not necessarily in that order.

This is the ebook version of the novel, though it will, eventually, get an audio play when I find time.
You can find Seeress of Yaochil on Amazon Unlimited, which you can reach by following this link:
Seeress of Yaochi