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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Archimage Wars: Book 3, Demon of Annwn

Now available in ebook or audioplay!

The Archimage Wars
Book 3
Demon of Annwn

The series now continues the adventures of our hero (?) Nicholas Albus, in the third novel in the series, Demon of Annwn.  If you thought Atlantis was a strange world, then wait until you follow the misadventures of the outrageous wizard, Nicholas, and friends when they go to the bizarre world called Annwn!

Like Wizard of Abal and Sorceress of Atlantis, not only is there a written novel, there is also a full audio play available.  The ebook and audio plays are available at Amazon, which you can find, here: Demon of Annwn.

If you don't know about the series, you can start with the ebook, Wizard of Abal, for free, just go to Amazon, here: Wizard of Abal, if you already read that, and need the second book, you can get it here: Sorceress of Atlantis.  Those same links will get you to the audio play versions as well.
I'm hard at work on the next book in the series, which is scheduled for release very soon!  Book 4, Seeress of Yaochi is finished, but my team of voice actors are still working on the audio play version.