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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Book 9, Warlock of Sheol, of The Archimage Wars series published!

I've been working very diligently to try and finish The Archimage Wars series in 2020.

With the publishing of book 9, Warlock of Sheol, I'm close to achieving my goal.  I finished book 8 early in 2020, then wrote the end of the zONE series, Brethren of the Ark, at which point I got back to working on The Archimage Wars.  After Warlock of Sheol, there is only one book to go and the series is finished!  I should have that final book done by December 2020, at the latest.

Appropriately, for 2020 (which has been the year of hell around the world) Warlock of Sheol mostly takes place in Hell.  My group of adventurers must go there to stop the other Houses from obtaining the cure to the mage plague and then using it to make themselves immune, thus allowing them to wipe out the other Houses by releasing this deadly plague.

There is a lot more to this story, I just don't want to add any spoilers here ;)

Anyway, since this is book nine in the series, if you are interested in joining my lead wizard on his crazy adventures in hell, you need to go back and start with book 1, Wizard of Abal, which you may read for free by going here.   That will get you started on this tale of redemption on the ten magical worlds.  Each book in the series takes place (mostly) on one of those ten mage worlds.

Of course, if you are already reading the series, then go straight here to get the ebook or to Amazon for the print version.

Either way, have fun reading them, I sure did while writing this wild tale.

Without wax,

Philip Blood